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Swimming in a Wasteland: A Senior Surreal Photo by Nora Donovan (2015)

I used HDR as a method of changing the perspective of a certain images, the three images that I used were of a ping pong net, a blue frisbee and a old pair of flip flops. I choose to use the overlay on the turtles, flip flops and the frisbee. I used several filters to create a surreal effect, and so that you don't actually see what the photos are really. I am so proud of this piece, mostly because of how I view the world, and I feel like this piece allows me to.

I thought that by using a ping pong net it would show the change of our environment, which could be viewed as a reflection of how we have changed it. The ping pong nets are supposed to represent turtles, the blue frisbee could be seen as the amount of water we need to help us out of our drought, and the flip flops show a subtle beauty in something old. I see the change in the world, which can be a part of the change we might want to see and experience.
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