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I Will Get There: A Senior Surreal Photo by Richa Gopal (2015)

In my surreal piece my goal was to make everything look not normal but look tailored. Having the stop sign color changed to green was done on purpose. If you stare at the green for a long time and look away you will see red. I used leading lines from the stop sign by using the bridge. The bridge has two different angles. I got them to look as if it were extended - bent. The smaller bridge is in the replacement of a car tire. Your eyes will wander and see that there is a car on the right and reflections of clouds on the car's side. As you see the bridge there's a stuffed elephant in the background and that object captured a lot of texture. On my individual objects and locations I used HDR.

My personal meaning of the piece is even when there is a sign, it shouldn't stop you from where you want to go. The elephant is oversized for the bridge, but it doesn't mean he can't get across it. He could drive using the car and find his own path. It was not my intended image that I created it was all done with doing it in the moment. But I feel in the back of my head these were just puzzle pieces that were waiting to be put together. When I started this piece I imagined a very different outcome, so the piece I ended up with is beyond what I thought I was capable of.
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