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Nowhere: A Senior Surreal Photo by Rocio Robles (2015)

For my design class I was assigned to take more than 100 photos, all in HDR to give my photos an interesting look, depth, and filed for my audience. I took more than 200 photos, afterwards I had to pick my top 60 to use for my surrealist piece. I placed my photos in photoshop, where I edited and applied the high dynamic range or for short, HDR onto the selected photos I used for this piece. The use for HDR is to mainly to compress the extended tonal range of a photo onto multiple exposures into the limited dynamic range. Meaning it gives emphasis to my photos. I had to create a focal point for my piece, so I used a photo of a face, and edit it in photoshop. Where I applied a black and white filter, enlarged her pupils and dissolved the corners of the face. I cropped out the eye from the subjects face, enlarged and edit the eye in photoshop to create this moon like sphere behind the face.

I was inspired to create this piece from a few of nightmares I had and a lucid dream. I wanted to make my audience feel aware yet scared of where this road will lead them too. I want my audience to experience the feeling of anxiety yet curiosity in this piece. At first I wasn't sure what I could created from this piece, originally I wanted to place a tree on top of a planet but I realized that surrealism is more than just photos. Surrealism is art that comes from the mind, it is a mixture of horror and fantasy. Surrealism is art that makes you think because in order for me to create my piece I needed to go back to my dreams.
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