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Kids can be Cruel: A Senior Surreal Photo by Sabrina Johnson (2015)

My surreal project consist of stuffed animals on a child's play set and two large "ugly dolls" behind them. I decided to put my texture kind of as a background so the main objects will stand out more and to show a more dreamlike stature. I used HDR on the play structure as an attempt to make it pop more, I infrared the black and white ugly doll so that it didn't get forgotten next to the one in color.

My idea behind this image was how when kids grow up they tend to forget about their toys, but that's only the first layer. A deeper meaning to my surreal project is that when a kid is innocent and doesn't realize when they can be mean and they discarded the things that aren't considered "cute" which is why I decided to use "ugly dolls." They more classic animals are made to show the ones that weren't forgotten. I tried to have this show that sometimes people carry those assumptions up to when they are older without realizing it.
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