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Jorge and Friends: A Senior Surreal Photo by Thuy-Tien Le (2015)

I put together my surrealist piece using three photos that I took in HDR: one of a girl sitting, another of a missing part in a brick wall, and the last of Jorge, the famous goose that frequently roams Mount Holyoke College's campus (he did a nice job posing for my picture). Using Photoshop, I pieced the three images together into one image. After all of the editing, I created a picture of a girl sitting on the missing part in the brick wall. She is staring off into the distance with a thoughtful look on her face. Sitting next to her is Jorge the goose. The mystery in this picture is the juxtaposition between the size of the girl and the size of the things around her. As we all know, humans aren't the same sizes as geese, so the comparison in size between the two subjects is what is shocking to the viewer.

The picture I created represents the similarity between humans and animals. In my opinion, I think we as humans seem to place ourselves too high on the list of creatures surviving in the world. Often times, we forget that animals are also living creatures and we look down on them. However, there really isn't a line between humans and animals. I made the girl the only color part of this piece because I wanted to highlight her and make her the focal point.
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