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One: A Senior Surreal Photo by Andre Conceicao (2015)

My surrealism project is made of a number of different elements. Starting with the background, I took multiple photos of plants and dead tall grass in my backyard and layered them on top of each other to give a mystical and fuzzy sort of look. If you look closely you can see different leafs and plants on top of one another. After that, I used a photo a stone table that I have in my yard to give really good texture for the bottom half of the photo. I folded a dollar bill to look like a collared shirt and duplicated the photo multiple times. As for Photoshop techniques, I used the infrared technique Ms. P taught us to give the background a different look. Without the use of infrared, it would not look misty and have the mystical sense that the background portrays.

Since my project involved the use of money, I stuck with a color scheme of green and white and black. The money is folded into a collared shirt because I think it looks pretty cool and has something to say about the importance of money, money has a uniformity and symmetry that stands out to most people and I thought I would put a twist on that by folding the money into shirts and making them symmetrical with the two little shirts on either side of the big ones. The front one is green and I highlighted the "ONE" one the center. I also thought it would be a little ironic to make the word "one" stand out but also have multiple dollar bills on top of each other.
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