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Eggcellent Potential: A Senior Surreal Photo by Annaka Olson (2015)

I created my piece using Adobe Photoshop, and HDR photography. My piece depicts an egg inside an avocado being transformed from black and white into technicolor. The egg is being transformed because of a liquid dropping from the top of the image. The liquid is made of a melted-looking tree branch.

My color scheme was green yellow and violet, as well as a range of neutrals. The neutrals allowed my accent colors to really shine through, and depict the change that was occurring due to the liquid dripping on the egg. In my piece the egg represents the potential within all of us, and how that potential is either stunted or encouraged to grow depending on the environment where it exists. The other eggs hidden inside the other avocados were not able to have the tree-branch liquid dropped on them, so they remain normal colored avocados with normal colored eggs inside. Because of the unique environment that the visible egg was placed in, it alone was able to be changed so dramatically by the drop of melting tree branch.
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