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The Almighty Hand: A Senior Surreal Photo by Christian Rodriguez (2016)

My image depicts the story of an alternate universe. In this universe there are extremely large floating body parts scattered around the planet. The body parts go on an adventure to try to find each other to combine back as one enormous person. In my image, this particular body part, a hand, is depicted in a large barren and rocky landscape.

I created this image through HDR and black and white photography paired with new photoshop skills. The large rocky landscape was an HDR photo of a textured fireplace taken at an angle, made to look like a landscape. The background was a black and white HDR photo taken of the sky. Finally I made the focal point, the floating hand, I used photoshop to cut it out of the original photo, and to make it look as if it was unearthed. I used the ''landscape,'' the sky background, and the hand to create a foreground midground and background. With these new photoshop skills, I hope I was able to create cool effects to really make my surreal art out of this world.
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