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Trip Down Memory Lane: A Senior Surreal Photo by Connor Frietzsche (2016)

This scene is the aftermath of a long road trip. A young boy and his father drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles and to pass time on the drive the boy decided to draw. Without any paper to draw on and only a box of crayons he decided to draw the landscape that they viewed through the front windshield. The final product being what you see in my artwork. His artwork expresses a youthful imagination and a greater appreciation for the little things in life, like crayons!

To create this piece of artwork I used a lot of different skills I learned in Design. I chose to use crayons because we had been learning a lot about texture and crayons leave a very unique textured look on the paper when you draw with them. I also chose my car over some of the other cars my family has because the interior is all black and it works well in contrast with the colorful drawing and crayons. I also used filters to dull the contrast of the interior of my car so that the artwork in the windshield and crayons would really stand out and pop. Lastly I used a technique called HDR or high dynamic range to capture the interior of my car. HDR is when you take multiple pictures at different exposures to make one picture. You pull only the darks and the lights from specific parts of each photo and use a program to combine them into one final picture. This helped show some of the textures within the car and help it so the interior was not so dark.
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