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Food: A Senior Surreal Photo by Connor Leak (2016)

The dog owner has been obsessing over his dog for months, it's all he's been spending his time on. People think that he's becoming too obsessed, but he is in firm denial. One night, however, he has a nightmare. From a first-person perspective the dog, he dreams about it walking up to its food and water bowl and finding his own head in the bowl. The dog leans in to investigate what is in his bowl, and the owner looks up in fear of what the dog might do to him in this position.

There are three elements to my piece. The first element is the picture of the food and water bowl. The picture is an HDR photo that I desaturated to make it black and white. Next, I took a photo of my dog, Lewwy, and I cut him out of the picture and placed him in the water bowl to simulate a reflection. I had to cut some other parts from his head to make it seem like a more realistic reflection in the bowl. I also desaturated that picture to make it black and white to fit with the background. Finally, I took a photo of my friend, David, and I cut only his head out of the picture. Then, I placed his head in the bowl, cut some pieces out to make it seem like the head was resting in the bowl, and lowered the saturation a little bit. I edited each photo using Adobe Photoshop.
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