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The Dream I Dreamt Of Dreams In Space: A Senior Surreal Photo by David Niehaus (2016)

I dreamt a dream of dreams in a universe far far away within a galaxy completely comprised of moons upon moons. In this dream I ascended into space with only the simplest thoughts of being an alien in another aliens world. The galaxy was comprised solely of moons, an alternate universe that is still destined to be discovered. On these moons I saw what appeared to be dragons, whipping across the sky as if they were comets soaring across the horizon. The moon glowed blue in the night sky, glistening as if it was a sapphire just dropped into a peaceful pond. The pond would then ripple with a movement so subtle, symbolizing the disturbance of the horizon found on the glistening shape in the sky.

To fashion this design I used Adobe Photoshop and my Canon T3 that freestyle provided me. Each moon you see was taken using the T3 in the dead of night, then edited to be black and white. Along with each moon follows the stars in the background. These stars are real stars and were taken along with each moon. By raising the exposure of a picture that started out as just black, I discovered the stars which you can see now. Moving on to the focal point of this piece is the front cover of a box of cards. I took this picture at multiple levels of exposure, resulting in a high quality, high resolution HDR photo.
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