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Dreaming of Dogs: A Senior Surreal Photo by Devon Bartlett (2016)

The story behind my piece is about a lonely dog, as she has no other dogs to play with. She finds out she has a connection to the underworld, and when she sleeps she can play with the ghosts of other dogs. Her dreams are the connection to those dogs and the underworld.

For my surrealism piece I took pictures of three different dogs. I made the two dogs in the clouds low opacity so they appear more dreamlike. I also took a picture of a bed, which I eventually made black and white. I took several different shots of the bed from different angles, and with the sheets messy and straightened out so I could pick what looked best with the rest of my photos. Then I took a picture of a blue sky for my background. I put a Photoshop filter on my background to make it more interesting. My clouds are HDR, which means high dynamic range. This means you take 3-5 pictures; one at the correct exposure, and one to two at a higher exposure and one to two and a lower exposure. You do not move your camera. Then in Photoshop you combine your images into one to make an interesting composition.
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