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Milky Forest: A Senior Surreal Photo by Edgar Saadi (2016)

My surrealism piece describes the tunnel vision like perspective of a man following a river into a forest in a dream. The river is somewhat milky, flowing, and dreamy, while the illuminated forest awaits in the background focalized by colored lights. The river starts off more open but eventually turns wavier and wavier, soon after disappearing into the illuminated forest.

For my surrealist piece, I chose to use many different effects on my HDR photos, such as lighting effects, motion blur, and liquify. My original photo consisted of a bush in my backyard taken from an interesting angle, along with a chain I found in a creek, and finally, smoke i had captured in the air. After putting these photos together, I began applying effects to help the blending process and define the piece. As you can likely see, lighting effects are a major part of the piece, as I attempted to set a more focused and beautiful tone by blacking out a good portion of the piece, while at the same time spotlighting other parts of it. I also used motion blur on the bush in the piece to help add more of a ‘moving' atmosphere, while at the same time keeping the viewer focused via lighting effects, almost creating a sort of accidental vignette. I used the liquify effect on the chain I found in the creek to create the almost lake like pattern you can see at the center / bottom of the photo.
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