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Floating Life: A Senior Surreal Photo by Emily Andreas (2016)

An amethyst floats around a black and white sky, lifeless except for one tree. This tree is bare and has little life to it, but yet it lives. It sprouts out of the amethyst with pride, showing that it is able to flourish in these unlivable conditions. The sky tries to knock it down, but it holds strong.

For my Surrealism project, I have a shot of the clouds as the background and a close up of an amethyst and a shot of a tree. I shot the clouds in HDR and put a black and white filter on them. I took a close up picture of the amethyst and put a blur filter on it. You can't see it too well, because I wanted it to be very subtle. Finally, the tree was a vertical shot in my backyard, and I cut it out and made it smaller so it looked like it was growing out of the amethyst. I then merged all the photos using an Adobe Photoshop setting, compacting all the layers into one. I made this entire piece just using Photoshop and photos that I took in Camera RAW.
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