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Girl Painting Flower: A Senior Surreal Photo by Eva Koujikov (2016)

There once was a girl named Isabel who was so sad she decided to steal all the color from the world. From now on she would be the only one who could create color with just a small flick of her paintbrush. Once everything was black and white, the people around Isabel became very solemn and sorrowful. Although Isabel had removed color in order to make herself happier, she felt great pain over making those around her feel the way she once had. Now Isabel spends her days painting color back into the world.

In order to create my surrealism piece, I photographed a rose in HDR. Before taking the pictures, I sprayed water droplets onto the rose in order to create texture. I then photographed my peer, Isabel, painting. Using photoshop, I cut out Isabel's figure and placed it within the image of the rose. I made Isabel appear smaller than the rose to create an odd feeling and made some of the petals white in order to convey my story.
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