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I'm Made New: A Senior Surreal Photo by Ezer Angeles (2016)

For my surrealist art piece, I wanted to show the symbolism behind a sinner turning to Jesus. I felt that when I got to know Jesus, everything was different because only He made me different. In my image you can see hands that represent the hands of God, scooping out a chunk of dirt from Earth, and taking that piece of dirt and making it into something, or someone, new. The dirt represents the temporary beauties and treasures the world has to offer. When someone turns to Jesus, he makes a new creature, and everything that's happened in the past for that new soul is gone forever. The person appears to be in black and white because he's brand new to the path, meaning he will gain color later on as he grows spiritually.

To get the look that I wanted I had to do a few things. First, I needed the hands and person, so I just used myself as the model. I also needed dirt, so I used a small part of a nearby grass area to capture the dirt texture. I took those HDR photos and then brought them into Photoshop. I then used the quick selection tool to ''cut out'' the hands and the person. I used multiple masks in order to shape the dirt and put texture into the person and hands. I made the person go to a grayscale with the Black and White filter. Next, I had to create the backdrop and a piece of Earth all in Photoshop by using multiple layers and rendering clouds and stars. The final step was to balance out all the design elements and put everything together to complete the surrealist artwork.
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