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Housing: A Senior Surreal Photo by Felix Nordmark (2016)

The miracle of being born into a first world country with reasonable wealth. A pure game of luck that isabel wishes she won. She wants more people to be winners. Losing in a game that can be the difference between an exploration of passion and death.

I used compositing to bring together all the elements of my piece. In order to create the background I applied a manual Infrared filter to an image to the wild grass that grows in California after the first rain. I then bent the image of the grass, now turned white with a hint of orange, around the head of my subject. For the head I cropped between the bridge of the hair and the top of the eyes and removed all the hair other than the eyelashes. I then twisted a rainbow lightpainting into an arc lowered the opacity and stretched it across the forehead. The final addition was a vivid HDR picture of some houses bent along the eyelashes.
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