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Breaking the Seafloor: A Senior Surreal Photo by Isabel Guerrero-Lubarsky (2016)

My surreal work revolves around a reoccurring dream that I had when I was little, it is also the only dream that I remember from my childhood. It begins with my Dad, sister and I going to a lake to fish. As my dad sets up the fishing poles, my sister and I walk over to the water to put my feet in the water. I begin to walk deeper and deeper into the water, then I look back at my Dad and sister who are standing on the shore.I go into the water and it seems as if I am drowning, however I am not suffocating, then I float down to the bottom of the lake. My body breaks through the bottom of the lake, revealing the sky. I continue to go ''down'' until my house is underneath me. I go through the roof and float into my bed. I choose this dream as my story for my surrealist work because I thought it would be really interesting to bring this dream to life, because I remember it so vividly.

In this assignment we had to use a minimum of three photographs, and thave texture, an HDR photo and a black and white photo. The HDR photo is the bowl. I thought the bowl would be good as an HDR photo because it cast interesting shadows in the bowl. The texture is on the bowl because there are dirt speckles on the glass. The black and white photo is of the person, I had the person jump to make it look like they are falling.
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