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Paradise: A Senior Surreal Photo by Jared Hansrajh (2016)

I decided to create this piece because I had a dream about this before. I wanted to share this with other people to let them know what my dreams are like. Floating islands always seemed so relaxing and being able to see one in real life would just take your breath away. This is my happy place because it is a place where I can relax and not worry about anything that bothers me. The floating island is the entranceway to my dream world and the exit out of the dream world. Even though I am in black and white, I'm in this color because it shows the amount of beauty there is in the dream world compared to what reality is like.

Making the floating island wasn't easy because I had to find pictures of rocks big enough to be the base for the floating island. The images I took were from Cuesta Park and the city of Monterey. The vines and stems were made in Adobe Illustrator. I used the moss from an image off of a tree and managed to make it blend in with the rock. I made myself in black and white to show some focus point in the art work.
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