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Invisible Giant: A Senior Surreal Photo by Karna Chelluri (2016)

This piece is about a drummer who feels ignored even though he thinks he is very good. This is the reason he is a giant figure stepping down the street, but he is in black. He is a larger than life figure and drumming is his world, but he is ignored which is why he's in black.

The piece is based off of three surreal dreams that I documented before making it. I made this photo in Adobe Photoshop. I took the HDR photo on my street and used it as the background, I then added the image of the drum and the image of the leg to the original HDR. I did this by using the selection tool to cut the images out of their original photos and then placing them on top of the new HDR photo. Placing the new images on top of the original as layers makes it so that I could easily remove elements I didn't like as I continued production. I made the leg black by selecting a white area of the original photo of the leg and then I set that as the black level in the curves panel. This blackened out the leg and made the white portions red. I thought that this effect was cool even though its application was accidental. I adjusted things such as levels and curves in order to get the desired effects.
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