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Senior Surrealism: A Senior Surreal Photo by Kayli Bailey (2016)

For my surrealist photo I was inspired by a dream I once had. In my dream I could only move in slow motion. I was on a foreign planet full of giant stone crabs. To me this dream had meaning. I felt that it showed me that I needed to slow down in life, things are going too fast paced and it causes me to miss out on the beauty of the world sometimes. My current obsession with time prevents me from being curious about all of the wondrous and strange things that happen in everyday life.

In my surrealist photo I chose to portray my dream by making vivid colors of the world. I took HDR photos of the clouds and changed them to appear more purple. I also took an HDR photo of a path in the woods, the bright greens of the moss on the trees worked beautifully with the purples I had made for the sky. To show the slow motion I had felt I took a long exposure shot of a friend. During the shot I had him move around very slowly so the picture would pick up his movement and see it as blurred. I also had found a large crab on the beach and took some photos of it both in HDR and in the normal setting. To give the crab a more stone look I had turned down the saturation to make the photo more black and white. I really enjoyed creating this piece and experimenting with long exposure shots.
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