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Goodbye: A Senior Surreal Photo by Kendra Evans (2016)

In this image, the girl is trapped inside a plastic and frozen town. She is frantically trying to get someone to recognize her, but she is fading away. Above the town is a pair of hands, ready to pick the girl up and take her away. This is to represent a soul's journey to the afterlife once the body dies. The clouds in the background help emphasise the feeling of fear and desperation that the girl has.

To create this image, I combined five photos in Photoshop. For my HDR portion of the project, I used the Lego town. I made each of the photos of the girl black and white by using a layer mask. I then added her to the Lego town photo. Next, I incorporated the cloud Photoshop filter. Finally, I added the pair of hands to the image.
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