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Sorrow: A Senior Surreal Photo by Kenneth Hamel (2016)

Have you ever had one of those days where it felt like everything was going to fall into place the way you wanted it to be but instantly spiralled as you took a step outside. A young man is fulfilled with energy and joy until he encounters a dark and gloomy surrounding. He is soon brought to sorrow when mother nature ruins his lovely evening.

I cropped out the picture I took of the man sitting down and placed him on the building. I wanted to make his appearance enlarged and disproportionate from all the other objects. My HDR image was the background of the school setting. I placed a black and white filter on top of this to portray an emotional feeling. I cut out the image of the palm tree and placed it on top of the other building to create the illusion that it was coming out of it. For the goal post I used the liquify filter. I placed the liquify filter to the palm tree to create a droopy affect, reflecting back to his sentimental aspect.
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