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Shattered: A Senior Surreal Photo by Kevin Huang (2016)

For my surrealism piece, I thought it would be a cool idea to make an image where a knife is stabbed into a solid object. I took a photo of a knife stuck into the side of a tree and blended it into the rock. The image is of a knife that is stabbed into a rock and the rock is shattered. I thought this was a cool idea because people don't usually stab objects like rocks because they can't really be broken in that way. In the image, the rock is shattered and the knife is in perfect condition when you would normally expect the opposite situation where the knife is shattered and the rock is intact. The rock and its shattered pieces give a nice texture to the image while the knife gives depth and makes it look more three dimensional.

For this piece, I used Photoshop to do HDR photography. By fusing 5 different photos of a tree, I got a uniquely textured image. I then used the liquify tool to mix it up and give it an unfamiliar look. Then, by changing the saturation of the image, it added a nice blue and green color to the image making it more lively. I used the color replacement tool on the knife and the rocks to give it a black and white look. Finally, I meshed the the rock and the background together using the brush tool.
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