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Distortion: A Senior Surreal Photo by Kyra Kliman (2016)

This picture is about a girl who spent all her time on her phone and on technology. As time went on her life became technology. Instead of talking to people in person she expressed herself on social media excluding herself from the world. One day she was sitting in the car and she looked up and set her phone down and she looked at a tree. When she looked at the tree her vision was unclear. She was wearing sunglasses and she looked down at her phone and she saw her reflection of her hand. At that moment she realized that she had wasted all of her time on social media and technology and none of that stuff mattered and what mattered was everything that was in front of her. She made a promise to herself she would enjoy life and appreciate the beautiful things in life.

For this project I took a picture of sunglasses with the reflection of my hand and a phone. I changed the colors of the sunglasses in photoshop to get a certain authentic look. I put the hand in the middle to be the focal point because I wanted the viewer to feel like the hand could reach out and touch nature. The fingers are black and white because I wanted the sun to be the main focus to emphasize the nature aspect. I took an HDR photo of a tree and then I liquified the left side to make the branches look distorted.
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