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The Responsibility: A Senior Surreal Photo by Angelica D'Augusta (2016)

The story behind my image originates in a serene land, represented by the ocean. The different colors of the rainbow bring out the beauty and wonder in the land. In the middle there is a tree growing out of a rock that's in the middle of the water, which is reflecting the sky yet the clouds aren't colored in their own reflection. The tree has a sign that reads ''It is our responsibility to take care of this place''. The tree also bears tools on its branches that are supposed to help those take care of the beautiful land. The necessity to take care of the land is shown to be very important in the repetition of the sign placed on the large hammer that is on another floating rock to mimic the tree. The bottom is a repetition of black and white cactus to represent the destruction that could possibly happen if one fails to take care of the beautiful land. If it fails, soon the black and white will creep up and take over the beautiful clouds, like how the reflection have lost their color. The thorns are starting to reach the tree, which is why it is warped and attacking the tree trunk. The story behind this is about a middle aged man who grew up in the beautiful land, as he grew older though, he didn't take care of the land how it had watched over him. While he turned his back on the land that raised him, the land started to die off and lose it's beauty.

My final project includes four image, the ocean landscape in the background, the tree and tools in the midground, and that cacti in the foreground. For the ocean photo, I selected majority of the clouds on their own and adjusted their hue to change their color. For the tree and tools, I selected them and took them out of their original photos. The tree didn't include branches so I used a liquify filter to create branches and give it a warped effect for the tools to lay in. I then cut out the sign on the tree alone and changed it's color and placed it on the enlarged hammer. The cacti in the front is one HDR photo that was converted into black and white and repeated along the bottom in different shapes and sizes.
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