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Falling Sideways: A Senior Surreal Photo by Maxwell Weber (2016)

My Surrealism Project is based off of a combination of a few extraordinarily weird dreams. I took three different dreams and mashed them together into the most interesting form that I could imagine. I also chose to take the most memorable part of each dream, hoping to create a memorable piece as a whole.

The first dream, or piece, of the image is about falling sideways. I dreamt that I was sucked through a window and that I began flying through the air. However, it wasn't the kind of flying you'd expect in a dream. The motion felt forced and gave the sensation of falling. I tried to capture this feeling by having my legs and the extra limbs in the image looks as if they were a combined body falling sideways. I took an image of my own lower body looking down upon my legs, and a friend's arms. I cut out the pieces in Adobe Photoshop and arranged them in a way where the limbs fit together like a single being. Then I took a landscape HDR photograph of a long street in my neighborhood. By doing this, I created two alternating angles of perspective, creating the feeling of falling sideways.
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