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Return of the Bagelship: A Senior Surreal Photo by Niles Lee (2016)

60 years ago the ''Baliens,'' a race of aliens who worship ''Bagelism'' or round pieces of bread, visited our solar system in their ''Bagelship.'' While passing earth, they dropped off General Zhao, a well respected religious leader within the Bagelism hierarchy, with the hopes and goals of converting the local population to Bagelism. Today 60 years later General Zhao has completed his mission and awaiting the Bagelship to pick him up. To his surprise the head Bagelship ''Lox and Cheese,'' is seen emerging from the morning fog. Honoring and congratulating him on another successful mission on a new planet.

The base photo of the playground and trees is group of 5 photos in HDR (high dynamic range) and with a black and white filter over it. One issue when taking the 5 photos was the wind moving the tree branches between shots, but it turned out ok. The photo of General Zhao was taken from the same position but separate from the background, then cutout and placed on top of the background. The photo of the bagel was cutout with the bottom faded into the background clouds to make it appear it was emerging from the clouds. one problem was cutting out the branches of the trees to be in front of the Bagelship.
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