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Infected: A Senior Surreal Photo by Peter Coish (2016)

In my piece we see a boy who is being consumed by his sins. Turning to the dark side as all the good left inside him is carried away with the wind. This Image consists of three pictures. One of the pictures is a portrait of my friend Cole. the second image is an HDR image of a sunset at Rancho san Antonio. The last image is the texture over his jacket, the plants.

I originally made half of Cole's face black and white to show him fading away but when I accidentally made the black and white half far too dark, I was inspired and kept it. You can also see that Cole blowing away into the wind almost ''dissolving'', This was done with a sandstorm action that I downloaded for Photoshop. I make a selection on the image and tell the sandstorm action what colours to select and which direction to blow it and Photoshop will automatically create multiple adjustment layers and colour selections to created the dust.
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