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Surreal: A Senior Surreal Photo by Rachael Kiselev (2016)

Looking for the secret passageway noted in her father's diary, she eyed the tree in front of her wearily. For weeks she had visited meadows with but one tall tree, hunting for the portal her father wrote about before he died. Lifting her hands, her muscle memory formed them into a perfect triangle. She closed one eye and explored through the triangle with the other. Looking the tree up and down, she searched for a discrepancy in the deep bark. As her vision neared her feet, she saw a shimmer. Kneeling down, she pressed her triangle closer to the bark, when suddenly a ripple began. Spreading from the inside of the bark, a single ripple of water began to form from the wood itself- it was happening! But what was on the other side? The ripple began to dissipate, as a figure began to appear on her hand…

My project included a lot of elements. Everything was done in Photoshop, including photo manipulation. I also created a scene for this entirely from photoshop. There are 4 photos, and 2 designs made completely from scratch in photoshop. I resized some photos, as well as changed the saturation on others. I also have an HDR photograph of tree bark that I cut to become a tree trunk. My piece uses mostly photos of my mother, as she was my model for the piece- her hands, as well as she herself, appear prominently. All photos were taken in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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