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Race to Reality: A Senior Surreal Photo by Rebecca Bettinger (2016)

This surrealism piece is ultimately a metaphor for entering the ''real world''. The realistic woman in the photo has grown up and is entering through the gateway of adulthood. The slide behind her is a remnant of the childhood she has just left behind. The two children in the wall are in motion but are stuck within the realm of fantasy. The kids are ultimately on a race to reality. This race requires risks, such as leaping from the bridge to the rocks. The hard, sharp rocks become the barriers they face on their journey.

The photo of the brick is HDR as well as the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and the rocks. After inserting the two children into the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, I used an artistic filter to create the effect of a fresco on a wall. Next, I put this picture on top of the bricks to look like it was painted on them. In an attempt to make this effect look even more realistic, I moved the entire image at an angle so the perspective change. Following this step, I cut a hole into this photo using the pen tool and in the hole I placed an image of a slide. Finally, I added in the running woman to the front of the photo so it looked like she was coming out of this hole.
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