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Dreamer: A Senior Surreal Photo by Rose Lama (2016)

This art piece focuses on the real world and the dreamworld of a dreamer. The dreamer keeps falling on two different dreams that reflects one another. The dreamer is being trapped by her own imagination and it is impacting their real world.

For this art, I used Photoshop only. In Photoshop, I merged pictures, made all different color shadings, made smoke and the background galaxy. Also, I used a different brush like the water brush. All the pictures were taken in RAW. I used four different RAW pictures that are of a girl sitting on the utility pole, reflecting images inside the mouth, and the mouth itself. The two HDR pictures that are used are of a doll which is ''falling out'' of the water and the small tree like a plant as the foreground. The waterfall is supposed to represent a shape of a face and the waterfall representing the hair. The doll in the center is being pulled out by the girl sitting on a utility pole. The dreamer herself is confused and she is falling in a different direction as there is no gravity holding her back. The reflecting image is an image of a house with a clock on it, meaning the time can't be controlled now. The water falling from her lips represents the effect of her dreams.
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