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Growth: A Senior Surreal Photo by Sacha McDermott (2016)

Eva has been crushed her entire life, it seems like she can never escape the shadow of her older brother. He's the quarterback and ladies man, she's a wallflower who spends her days in the choir room. One day Eva enters the choir room to find she is not alone, a girl she does not recognize is sitting behind the piano, playing a beautiful song. Eva watches in awe until the girl looks up and shyly smiles, Eva returns it and then sits down to eat her lunch. This goes on for a week, with no words spoken until one day the girl invites her to lunch. Eva doesn't know but this is the beginning of something wonderful and new, finally she has been seen. She is no longer Eva, Kevin's younger sister, she is just Eva.

My main subject is Eva herself. I isolated her best I could so that her face would be the focal point. I chose to only photograph her face so I did not draw away from the small details. I chose to use HDR on the fence and use a black and white filter as to show her dull past and how she is moving forward from it. I also did not want the bright colors of the fence to be a distraction. I made her eyes into flower not just to symbolize her prior status as an unnoticed wallflower, but also to show her growth as a person. This is her new beginning. Flowers grow back even after they are stepped on and crushed, so will she.
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