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Walking in the clouds.: A Senior Surreal Photo by Sean Baker (2016)

Every dream we have connects us to something more than just an event from the past. Dreams bring up a subconscious emotion and let us get a completely different perspective of an event troubling our minds in our lives. My surrealism art tells the story to be succesful you have to learn how to walk through the clouds, close to the sun but never burning up. This statement means in order to be succesful you have to know the right time to take risks. You have to find the perfect balance between risking it all or knowing when to play it safe

The surrealism project was my favorite project in Design so far this year. I love taking photos, especially HDR, and this gave us freedom to explore any topic we wanted. To make this piece I started out by taking a HDR photo in a park in Los Gatos of a red and yellow pavilion with trees in the background. This background image was taken during the golden hour of photography when the sun was just setting. I love how the edges of the trees extending into the sky show up with pink and purple tints on them from the mixture of the sunset and the HDR process. I took the ground out of the background HDR image using the selection tool and refine edge, then replaced it with a picture I took of the sunset at Pacifica beach. This made it look like the ground is the sky, supporting the idea of walking among the clouds. The last portion of my piece I took a picture of the palm tree behind my house and cropped it out as black and white, then I imported the tree as four different sizes showing it growing upside down.
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