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Mystery Girl: A Senior Surreal Photo by Tanvi Sehgal (2016)

There's a girl with multiple pupils. Her eyes hold an extraordinary amount of power as they blend in with and match the forest around her. Her colorless face contrasts with her green eyes, that connect with the forest that fades in and out of her.

To create this image, I first generated an HDR image of the girl's face by taking multiple pictures with different exposures and then merging them together. I made the image black and white in Photoshop, but kept color in her eyes. In order to create multiple pupils I got many shots of the subject looking in different directions and then cut each individual pupil out and inserted it into my black and white HDR image. I changed the levels, brightness, and contrast to get the effect I was looking for in the image. I brought in an image of a forest and cut out the area around the girl's face. I then created an opacity gradient to make the forest less opaque around the face and more opaque as it goes towards the edges of the image.
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