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Transfigure: A Senior Surreal Photo by Brennan Myers (2016)

For my surrealist project I told a story about how a person changes over time. In my project, my subject's face is morphed over and over again in order to represent change in a person's mindset as one matures. My subject's morphed face begins to get larger and larger from right to left to metaphorically show that maturation happens as one gets older and has more life experience. On the far left of the picture is the final version of the morph, which shows a completely non morphed face, symbolizing that once someone is fully matured they no longer have to find out who they truly are. The background of the picture behind the evolution of morphed faces is a very dark and electric background consisting of tree branches. I chose to put tree branches connected to a large tree in my picture because as a tree matures, it grows more and more branches, which directly ties into my idea that all beings mature and change over time until they've reached their final form.

On the technical side of this project, I heavily used HDR photography. My main subject and the background of my project was shot in HDR which created a very surreal and dreamlike feel. I also used Adobe Photoshop in order to change the saturation and color curves within the photo. Throughout this project, I learned very much about the art of HDR photography and it has occurred to me that HDR photography is a field that I would like to explore heavily.
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