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Hollow: A Senior Surreal Photo by Willem Geier (2016)

One sunday morning a blissful cat, Lewis, arose from its slumber. The aloof feline traveled up stairs to nestle in its perch on an old wooden chair for it to lounge. All day and night Lewis stayed in this chair as it watched over the playground. The cat had a home, an old red barn that lived in a tree. The cat was not alone however. Lewis lived with his dearest friend who never had a name. His friend was an old grey rickety house. Lewis took the house in with him to his home when he found it as a stray. and that home also had a home. Being the aloof animal he is, Lewis generally would not have taken in a stray friend like the house. But the house had a weird quality to it; it was almost as if it were made just for Lewis. It fit the cat's lifestyle perfectly, it gave the feline the attention he craved, yet at the same time it was nice and quiet and still. A match made in heaven. The two lived comfortably in their barn on the tree hollow.

I made this art using photoshop. I took HDR photos of the house, chair, and barn. The cat and the tree are regular photos. I applied a black and white filter to the smaller house living in the barn. I gave a solar effect on the cat to give it more of a dreamlike quality.
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