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Layers: A Senior Surreal Photo by Zipporah Alcaraz (2016)

For my surreal art piece, I wanted to exemplify how people have different layers to them, and sometimes you need to open one up to see the rest of who that person is. I had a dream about a girl with different layers and I thought about what that meant to me. When you first meet a person, it is often hard to get a read on them and the first impression you have on them is not always who they are inside, so I decided to use jagged rocks. The rocks show how on the outside people seem rough and it's difficult to breakthrough to them sometimes. The hands on the rocks are meant to show that they are breaking the rock layer apart, but I feel that I should've made them bigger to emphasize that.

In my picture, the next layer shown are flowers, and this is to exemplify the complex sensitive part of people. Once you pass the point of getting through to a person, you start to learn more about how they think, what they like, and who they are. Flowers have several parts to them, and are known to be given to those you care about, so I used them for this layer of my piece. I ended with eyes because they are known to be the ''windows into one's' soul.'' If you get through all the different layers of a person, you'll truly see them for who they are, and hopefully care for them wholeheartedly.
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