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Drips: A Senior Surreal Photo by Celine Do (2016)

My piece is about a girl who has many feelings which leads to her looking different. She climbs on a giant pole and sees a pile of sticks and a mound of grass slowly coming towards her. The grass and sticks are slowly making their way towards her and with her many feelings, she is fearful. As the drips consume the side of the page, the girl's emotions multiply and her fear intensifies.

I used four HDR photos to create my piece. The photo of the girl was copied and I morphed her body into different shapes and sizes. First, I desaturated the pole then added a liquefying filter to make the lines lead into the vertex. With my HDR photos I increased the vibrance and contrast in order to create a very bright photo. Then I liquified my photo of the sticks and grass to appear to be dripping onto the side of the page like it is slowly consuming the image. Using the layers I was able to successfully duplicate the girl's body and easily liquefy the layers so they blended together.
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