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Natural Tendencies: A Senior Surreal Photo by Chanti Holroyd (2016)

This is a piece about the power we all possess within ourselves and our natural tendency to seek it out. We are all a part of nature, an extremely incredible and powerful thing. We all have the ability to rediscover this power within us and use it to the advantage of ourselves and humanity as a whole. We all have it in us to develop enough energy within ourselves to change the tides and do whatever we set our minds to.

To create this piece I heavily edited a photo of the ocean by intensifying the waves and then color correcting it to more abstract tones. I then layered it with a very close up photo of spit in the sand, which is where the texture in the background comes from. The third eye of the piece is an HDR photo of a 3D project I did and representative of the power within us. I created the natural elements including the cloud, lightning bolts, and rain drops in Illustrator then uploaded them to photoshop. I smudged the water where the teardrop hit in order to create a splash effect. Finally, I burned the background slightly to create the subtle illusion of a nose.
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