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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Abha Thakur (2016)

This photo was based off a poem I wrote. I was focusing on realization without vision. One line is, ''Not knowing what's going on'', this was referring to the Govt and how us as a society usually have no way to find out anything that they don’t want us to know. This is how I got the idea of a broken pair of glasses. In a way, the government is blinding us. Another line in the poem is, ''But what's happening outside?''. That’s how I got the idea of a foreign newspaper. The piece comes together in an obvious way. I was inspired by multiple events in our history but the most recent one was the very tragic incident with The City of Brussels. The attacks there were days after the Paris attacks. These were both very tragic, yes, but nobody was talking about what happened a couple days prior to both of these attacks. There was not only one, but two attacks in Turkey. Almost nobody knew about it, not until the individuals that were aware of it, started posting, tweeting, or talking about it. Still months later, people don’t know about it.

When starting the process to start photographing, it was very hard to find a foreign newspaper. I was originally going for a newspaper from somewhere in the Middle-Eastern region. I searched, and it was impossible for me to find one, which was surprising since we are in the Bay Area and we have a widely diverse community. I settled to a chinese newspaper, which worked out fine also. I bought a pair of glasses and simply broke them with a hammer. I used a candle for lighting, and angled it so I have the shadows, that I want, on the paper.
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