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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Charlotte Laurance (2016)

I based my conceptual art piece on a spoken word poem that I wrote on the concept of recognizing beauty or admiration, through words unspoken. My poem was titled, ''Unspoken Word'' I generally focused on a few lines that compared the words we tend to avoid saying, to a journal where all our thoughts are recorded. To me, these lines represent the way that humans tend to bottle up their emotions, and store them away almost like you would in a journal. In my poem I also discussed how the words that are not said are the most beautiful, or meaningful. I used the line, ''If I really wanted to say something magnificent, I would turn to my book of unspoken word'' This represents how these unspoken words are so much more significant than those that we do say.

My photo that represents these concepts is of a plain back journal filled with assorted, different colored flowers. I chose to fill the journal with flowers because flowers are typically associated with beauty. I carried the idea of a journal representing the human mind into my photo. The flowers took the place that usually would be filled with words. These flowers are symbolic of the unspoken words. I hot glued the flowers into the journal to look like they were to be growing in the pages, just like thoughts grow or bloom in the mind. I placed the journal on a plain white windowsill that had some cracks and abnormalities to emphasize the beauty of the journal. While shooting my photo I ran into some difficulties finding a place in my house that had the best lighting. I kept shooting photos that did not correctly showcase the flowers in the journal. Eventually, I took a photo that was bright enough to show the lines on the paper without taking away from the importance of the flowers.
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