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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Chase Randolph (2016)

Fee fi fo fum
Was the story of my childhood
For I was always the tallest in my class
But always ended up last

This poem talks about being harassed for one's size, this poem talks about being made fun of when for being bigger or smaller than someone else, hence being an outcast. ''Fee fi fo fum'' is an allusion to Jack and the Beanstalk showing an example of the giant being the bad guy but taking a spin on it and trying to convey that the giant is misunderstood and may not be the antagonist after all. The poem goes back to childhood problems of being a different size than everyone and having to learn to overcome and grow into who one is, by accepting who one is. This is shown in the last lines of the poem:

My understanding grew with me
Learning to see that I’m bigger than others
Learning that isn't a curse
Fee fi fo fum

The picture is supposed to represent the feeling of being an outcast, being left out because of size. In this instance being smaller than one's peers, being a chicken. One problem with this picture was the brightness because at the time I took this picture it was too bright. This made the picture too bright so I needed to find a good balance to make it darker in post-production. Another problem I found out in post-production was when I took the picture I thought it was focused but I noticed that it was a bit off, but as I looked at the picture more I grew to like it because it’s not perfectly clear, just like emotions.
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