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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Eli Bates (2016)

The reason we keep moving forward, The reason we exist, is it To search for a better tomorrow? No, it's all just in your head. Why do I work? Is it for money? For love? Survival? These are a few lines of my poems. This poem is trying to question the reason why we work. Wondering why we do the work if we hate it. And what is the motivation for doing the work. It's about a man, who's trying to find what his motivation is for waking up in the morning and going to work or even if he likes doing his work? And that is what life is about, he has to push through it even if he doesn't like it.

I was inspired by this poem to make to make this piece. I chose to take a photo of a drill going into a wall but to no success. This is supposed to represent a person that doesn't like their job but every day they get up and keep going to survive. To make this photo, we went through many steps first we had to think of an idea that we wanted to make the photo about. Then, we had to come up with an idea too of something to take a picture of in my case I choose the drill. Next, we were supposed to take around 100 photos but my first patch didn't turn out so well so when and retook them the second batch was much better. Then, we took it to school and went through them picking the best 50 turning them in as a contact sheet. Then we slowly narrowed them down to the 3 we liked the most, we kept the 3 and got rid of the rest. After that, we took them to Photoshop edited our favorite one and turned it in.
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