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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Emma Askren (2016)

My motivation in this project came from a few certain lines of my spoken word poem. The three lines that really stood out to me were: ''Don’t expect to find someone who’s been colored inside the lines that outline me- apparently the only part of me that you see.'' I was explaining how I do not want someone to just think of me as any other white teenage girl, just because of my body. I have much more depth in my personality that not many people take the chance to get to know. I was brainstorming with my design teacher Ms. P how to define these lines, and we came up with how a person is a facade until you open the door and you get inside their soul with them. Then there’s the usual problem of how people judge others before actually getting to know them. Overall from these explanations, I decided that one of the main themes is misjudgement.

The objects that I shot that I thought best represented misjudgment were mini ghost pumpkins and one colorful squash. I shot this because I wanted a very noticeable contrast between the objects. This is to show the difference of me compared to every other girl, how I in fact actually am different and have a unique personality and mindset. In photoshop, I cropped the image to put the colorful squash more on the rule of thirds. Since there was already such a huge natural contrast between the colors of the pumpkins and squash, I only edited the colors a little bit. I made a selection of the squash to increase the saturation so that its colors would pop out even more. A challenge that occurred for me was that I wanted to light render the photo, specifically the squash but we had a technical difficulty in Photoshop. To fix this problem, I put a slight vignette on the photo instead.
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