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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Ethan James (2016)

In my poem I used the second half as inspiration for my photo. ''No Noise.'' ''No Lights.'' These lines were important for signifying the end of the scene and the break between scenes. The remote control fading in the background of the photo helps to exemplify these lines. It represents the fading of the scene and the darkness that has encompassed the room. The next lines that I felt really inspired the photo were, ''A new scene is starting,'' ''Sitting and waiting'' ''Uncertainty fills the room.'' These lines are represented by the dice in the photo. The first line is simply the appearance of the dice and the brightness. They are the next scene. ''Sitting and waiting'' ''Uncertainty fills the room'' are both related to the stillness of the dice. One does not know what is going to happen yet as when you are about to roll dice, you are not sure of what the result will be.

The placement of the objects was very important in creating a visual representation of the lines. The remote in the background is very dull and faded to show the last scene ending. The darkness surrounding the dice and remote is to show the darkness when the last scene ends. There is a period of waiting in between scenes where nothing is happening. The dice represent the next scene which appears out of darkness to fill the room which is shown by the brightness of the dice. The dice themselves show how when the next scene appears there is a moment of confusion or uncertainty to what will happen as when you roll dice. The biggest struggle with taking the photo was making sure the dice were very clear but at the same time the remote needed to be fading away and unclear.
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