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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Gabriela Wilde (2016)

From my poem, ''You Listen, but Do You Hear Me?'' I include the lines:
''I’m being forgotten, and I’m paralyzed
I don’t like this, I hate this, please
make it end, get me out of here,
I don’t want to go through this again''

These lines are about feeling exhausted from trying to escape addiction. The example that the lines are based on is: being trapped in a relationship that you have put so much work into because of one’s refusal to let go, even if it’s not healthy. One person loves another who doesn’t treat them well, and there is a contradiction in wanting to release oneself from the hurtful situation, but also wanting to hang on time and time again because of its dangerous appeal. My poem expresses this by tying together a string of consecutive, quick, and frantic phrases to give the reader an overwhelming experience and hint at the feeling of being trapped.

The photos I took show being bound to something addictive- an attachment to something that has an overall negative impact, but is deceivingly appealing. They support the meaning of my poem because the ivy wrapped around the cigarette represents how the unhealthy lure created within oneself is inescapable. The difficulties I had in taking these pictures were: getting the ivy to properly wrap around the ''cigarette'' and stay put, sufficient lighting, and figuring out how I was going to replicate a cigarette. To fix these problems, I taped the plant to the ''cigarette'' made of rolled up, water-colored paper, and I shined my iPhone flashlight directly above my setup. One problem I couldn’t fix was that I lit the wrong side of the cigarette on accident, but this could widen the interpretation of the audience.
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