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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Jacob Lopez (2016)

This photo is a visual representation of my poem about experiencing fear through standing up for myself or others through witnessing a school fight. My motivation for this photo came from the lines in my poem that are ''Fear kept my feet stuck to the ground. Curiosity pulled me to the front of the crowd''

In my photo, I used the characteristic of real and complete to express the physical and mental states of the boys in my poem. The toy car is complete but not real, so it is lesser physically to the car or wheel. The wheel is real but not complete so it is mentally inferior to the real car or the toy car. The boy represented by the wheel is bullying the toy car boy out of envy of his completeness. The actual car is real, complete and represents the narrator of my poem who is dealing with fear and indecision on whether to help the bullied boy or not. I took the picture with the wheel and toy car in focus to show that they were defined but the real car was out of focus because it is representing confusion and indecision. I put the toy car lower in the shot to show a lack of power as opposed to the wheel and real car that were bigger and higher up. In the original photo, my picture was dark and the toy car was very light. In Photoshop, I ended up brightening up the whole picture and darkening the toy car only. My biggest problem was my own carelessness because all the photos from my first photoshoot came out completely dark and unusable.
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