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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Jacob Martin (2016)

'Mind racing
Searching through the static.
Ears ringing,
Bouncing through the empty distortion.'' These lines represent an emptiness without any direction and the struggles it brings. Many people feel this lack of direction and look to a religion or a ''God'' to show them what to do. Then they begin to rely on this religion, to instruct them and guide them through everything. They use it as a safety net or a crutch. If these followers do not accomplish a certain goal, they believe it is because ''God'' did not want it to happen. I feel that it is not because ''God'' didn't want it to happen; it is because they did not try hard enough. For them this lack of direction is a problem and they fear it. They need to believe that their whole life is laid out for them. However, others see lack of direction as a freedom. A freedom without any constraints that force us to a certain path or direction.

In my photograph, there is a bible with helmet straps hanging from a bike. This bible represents religion and how it is used as a safety buffer, or a protective helmet. And how religious people feel that if they obey their religion, they cannot be hurt. Because the bottom half of the picture is darker and shaded with the upper half being bright, it shows how distant these people really are from their ''God''; that their safety helmet, religion, does not protect them the way they think it does. The fact the bike is not on the path represents that there are no paths that lay out destinies. While taking this picture, I had difficulties with the lighting. I wanted to get to this location before the sun set. Because of this, I had some trouble with the lighting.
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