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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Janeth Palma Cuesta (2016)

'The language has a lyrical nature, a cadence to the everyday conversation,''
This line was from a spoken word poem about my native language where I compare it to english. From this poem came a sadness of being uprooted from my culture and being heavily assimilated into American culture. The image describes uprootment and a hope of flourishing despite being limited by the past.

Shot at around 6am for the cool and indifferent light of sunrise, this image was taken almost lying on the floor, capturing the most important parts. The young plant in the soil yet still limited by a pot is where I sometimes see myself. The plants’ potential is limited by the past but it knows that there will come a time to flourish. The sign ''Full sun, perennial'' represents the hope of waiting until the right time and then forever being able to thrive. Editing was mostly toning down the overly cool light to be more neutral. In Photoshop, I encountered some issues with filters not warming my image the way I wanted to.
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